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5 Stars

"I can't even begin to express how impressed I am with this place! I only chose to go here because Ted's is a trusted vendor for my insurance company and their work would be guaranteed for the entire time I own the vehicle. That said, they went above and beyond. 

- First of all, the only day I could pick up my car was Saturday and I was running a few minutes behind. They cheerfully agreed to wait for me after closing! After I got there, they told me what work they did AND made sure I knew that my battery was going out so I didn't get stranded somewhere! They even offered to change out the battery for me once I got a new one. 
-Then I actually got to see my car. Not only did they do a beautiful job on the repairs, but they cleaned the whole car! I'd had bugs plastered on the front from a long trip I went on and personally was struggling to get them washed off. Honestly, it probably took them a good hour to get all those bugs scrubbed off of an area they weren't even working on. They didn't have to do that. I was so happy. 
-Then I climbed in my car and saw that they cleaned up the interior! I had a good 20 business cards scattered about the car that they gathered up and stacked together in one spot. They vacuumed up all the dog hair and wiped down some dirty spots. They cleaned out from under my seats and nicely organized everything they found in the trunk. 
I just can't even begin to explain how thrilled I was with all the extras they did. They really went above and beyond to take great care of my car. I couldn't be happier." 
-Katelyn Zimmerer